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  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T
  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T
  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T
  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T
  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T
  • Xtrons D712SGD One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T


One Din 7 Inch Motorized Detachable HD Touch Screen DVD GPS Navigator with DVB-T

Fashionable and Bright Windows 8 Metro-style Interface

The combination of the Metro-style design and the clever tiled applets will soon hook you onto this new way of interacting with the unit information. A fastest, cleanest and most fashionable UI will take you to a up-to-date user experience.


High Performance Wince6.0 System

Processor: A5 RAM: 1G

Faster navigation running

Faster GPS and DVD loading

Faster and smoother user operation experience

Built-in GPS function

An integrated in car multimedia and navigation system.

Dual Zone Function

Dual zone allows you to play DVD/Radio/Music while navigating. (Passengers can also enjoy the video feed in the back using the AV output from the unit.)

Easy Navigation

With multi-stop route planning and points of interest, getting to your destination fast, safe and convenient.

Multiple GPS Languages

Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi

Multiple Entertainments Options in the GPS Apps Besides of the navigating function, there are multiple media choices in the GPS Apps, audio and video, photo, text, Jigsaw puzzle and etc..When you are navigating, you can also make some operations such as volume adjustments, pre, next, pause and more of the radio, DVD, USB, SD and iPod.

16 Backgrounds and 5 Themes for the GPS Interface

Choose from the 16 background pictures and 5 themes to fit for your own style best. Access to Internet by WIFI or 3G

With WIFI or 3G(both WIFI and 3G are optional), you could surf on the Internet easily. Chatting with your friends, sharing photos and interesting news on Facebook or Youtube on the move are no longer a dream.

Need the WIFI or 3G, inquiry us now!

4 Adjustable Viewing Angles

Choose among 4 viewing angles, to make the most out of your multimedia experience.

User-friendly Screen Design

Always keeping the users' safety and utility in mind, this unit can play radio and music even though the screen is inside the head unit.

Detachable Panel for Anti-theft Protection


Are you still worried about the safety of your car DVD when you are away?

This stereo would be your best choice. The detachable panel is designed for anti-theft protection. Remove the panel when you are away, so you don't have to worry that it will be stolen.

Built-in Bluetooth

This unit comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth capability to enable hands-free mobile phone operation. So you can keep your hands on the steering wheel where they belong, and concentrate on the road ahead.

Supports A2DP to play music

Supports call logs

Supports external microphone

Different from other units, volume up, volume down and mute is possible by pressing on the icons conveniently on the Bluetooth interface.

Excellent Adaptability

You can connect an external microphone or DVR to make the stereo better suit your needs.

The external microphone(Optional), which is 3 meters long, will ensure that you can make and receive calls in an optimal position. It also provides you with a clearer sound.

With the external DVR(Optional), you can record unexpected events along your journey to the memory card, which makes your driving safer.

Virtual CDC

Want to have your favorite music always with you, but don't feel like caring around all of your CDs?

Then the virtual CDC function can help you with that.

With this function, you can copy all the files from a CD(up to 8 Discs) without any distortion to a USB drive, and then play them at any time, just by inserting the USB into the units USB port.

Steering Wheel Control

Compatible with analogue Steering Wheel Controls (SWC). Some wiring and the use of a multi-meter is required for setup. For use with digital SWC a Pioneer patch lead together with a CanBUS box will be required. Please see supplier for CanBUS compatibility.

Adjustable Brightness

The screen brightness automatically adjusts when the vehicle headlights are switched on or off. You can also adjust the screen brightness by pressing on the small icon on the home screen. There are three modes: Bright, Dark and Screensaver.

Variable Color Buttons

Choose from orange or white back lighting to match your vehicles dashboard.

Built-in MPEG-4 TV

MPEG-4 is the latest in digital technology. It is fully compatible with MPEG-2, and it can also receive high-definition MPEG-4 transmissions.

With built –in MPEG-4 TV function, you can easily receive DVB-T digital TV in your car, enjoy movies, shows, news and more - it`s all yours! What’s even better, with the press of a few buttons, you can record the TV programs instantly!

Please note that MPEG-2 DVB-T can't be used in the following countries: North America Ireland Denmark Cyprus Estonia Greece Hungary Latvia Lithuania Norway Poland Portugal Russia Serbia Slovenia Ukraine Belarus Bulgaria

44 Selectable Car Logos

Choose from the 44 popular car logos to suit your car best.

Supports Multiple Languages


Menu Language: Indonesian, English, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Thai,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese OSD Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Latin, Japanese

HD 800*480

The 7 inch high definition TFT LCD display with wide screen can provide you with excellent visual effect while protecting your eyes.

Region Free DVD Player

The DVD player is compatible with most DVD's and CD's that are available on the market.

Compatible formats: DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, Video CD, SVCD, Picture CD,CD-R,CD-RW.

FM/AM(Supports RDS)

High Performance Receiver, Manual & Automatic Search, Preset Stations (18 FM, 12 AM)


Connect your iPod or iPhone to the USB port, and enjoy music playback and basic controls (track up/down and pause), allowing to the iPod playlist and song information.

Supports iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone 4/4S.(Supports charging when plugged in)

Supports different EQ and Sound adjustments: Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, FLAT, BASS, TRE, SUBW, LOUD and etc.

Multi-media choices

Expand your media choices by plugging your USB stick, TF card or SDHC into this unit to play music or view photos. The maximum capacity is 32GB.


Reversing Camera Input

Automatically switch over to reversing mode when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

Supports NTSC/PAL signal input

Reversing camera (not included) is required for this function.



1X ISO Wiring Harness

1X iPod Cable

1X USB Cable

1X User Manual

1X Remote Control

1X GPS Antenna

1X Fitting Kit

1X Iron Surrounding

1X Plastic Surrounding

1X RCA Cable


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